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As you know, there are dozens of proxy sites out there but here on EliteProxy.net we only list ELITE Proxy or HIGH ANONYMITY Proxy for your priority needs.
Our system approaches to scan new ELITE proxies each hour (HTTP proxies & SOCKS proxies) for you.

Here are our full ELITE Proxy list that is updated regularly to make sure they are fresh for you.

IP Address Port Type Country Last Checked (UTC)  EliteProxy.net10809HTTPArgentina  Argentina2 minutes ago  EliteProxy.net54240SOCKS4Colombia  Colombia6 minutes ago  EliteProxy.net9443HTTPFrance  France12 minutes ago  EliteProxy.net50624HTTPLithuania  Lithuania16 minutes ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSCanada  Canada21 minutes ago  EliteProxy.net1080SOCKS5United Kingdom  United Kingdom36 minutes ago  EliteProxy.net3129HTTPSCanada  Canada56 minutes ago  EliteProxy.net1080HTTPUnited States  United States1 hour ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPSIndia  India1 hour ago  EliteProxy.net41258HTTPItaly  Italy1 hour ago  EliteProxy.net43501HTTPSThailand  Thailand1 hour ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPFrance  France1 hour ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPRomania  Romania1 hour ago  EliteProxy.net22225SOCKS5Hong Kong  Hong Kong1 hour ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPGermany  Germany2 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8888HTTPHungary  Hungary2 hours ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPSpain  Spain2 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSSpain  Spain2 hours ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPSUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom2 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSJapan  Japan2 hours ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPSSingapore  Singapore2 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPHong Kong  Hong Kong3 hours ago  EliteProxy.net9999SOCKS4Iraq  Iraq3 hours ago  EliteProxy.net3128HTTPUkraine  Ukraine3 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSUnited States  United States3 hours ago  EliteProxy.net3128HTTPSVietnam  Vietnam3 hours ago  EliteProxy.net53281HTTPSwaziland  Swaziland4 hours ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPHong Kong  Hong Kong4 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSHong Kong  Hong Kong4 hours ago  EliteProxy.net10303HTTPSGermany  Germany4 hours ago  EliteProxy.net3128HTTPSingapore  Singapore4 hours ago  EliteProxy.net10809HTTPSArgentina  Argentina5 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8123HTTPSMexico  Mexico5 hours ago  EliteProxy.net55443HTTPHungary  Hungary5 hours ago  EliteProxy.net36366HTTPGermany  Germany5 hours ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPSJapan  Japan5 hours ago  EliteProxy.net43337HTTPSGermany  Germany5 hours ago  EliteProxy.net33091HTTPEcuador  Ecuador5 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8118HTTPSFinland  Finland6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPSMexico  Mexico6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSBrazil  Brazil6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net10303HTTPGermany  Germany6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net46669HTTPSMalaysia  Malaysia6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net80HTTPSSingapore  Singapore6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSweden  Sweden6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8080HTTPSTaiwan  Taiwan6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net3128HTTPGermany  Germany6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net49205HTTPSUnited States  United States6 hours ago  EliteProxy.net8118HTTPUnited States  United States7 hours ago  EliteProxy.net50838SOCKS4India  India7 hours ago
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If you're having trouble getting a proxy server to work on your machine, your browser may not be set up correctly. Here's how to set up proxies on popular browsers:

Browser How To Setup
Chrome Options » Network » Change Proxy Settings » LAN Settings » Use a Proxy Server » Advanced » HTTP
Firefox Tools » Options » Advanced » Network » Settings » Manual Proxy Configuration
Opera Tools » Preferences » Advanced » Network
Internet Explorer Tools » Internet Options » Connections » LAN Settings » Use a Proxy Server » Advanced » HTTP
Safari Preferences » Advanced » Change Settings » Web Proxy(HTTP)

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